Enriched Profiles
Jira Service Desk

Provide context to your JSD agents by enriching data based on reporter's email address.

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Increase engaging conversations with JSD customers

Context is King

Enrich user & their organisation’s data within JSD based on the reporter’s email address. Help your agents strike personalised conversations with your customers. Provide delightful support with ease.


Valuable data points to make informed decisions

Key To Personalisation

Right from reporter’s Linkedin profile, Position, Job role & time zone to their organisation’s location, website, employee size & estimated revenue. All this enriched data available to your agent within JSD.

Enriched_Profile attributes
Have questions about the Enriched profile for JSD app ?

JSD Cloud

Enriched profiles is purposely built for your JSD cloud instance.

JSD Server

Enriched profiles currently does not support the JSD server version.

JSD Data Center

Enriched profiles will not be available for the data center version of JSD.


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