Enriched Profiles
Jira Service Desk

Provide context to your JSD agents by enriching data based on reporter’s email address.

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Increase engaging conversations with JSD customers

Context is King

Enrich user & their organisation’s data within JSD based on the reporter’s email address. Help your agents strike personalised conversations with your customers. Provide delightful support with ease.




Great service that helps our team automate the release notes process in Jira saving our team tons of time!


Great add-on! Works like a charm and is very customizable. Automates what was a very manual process for our company.


Our documentation team has been working with ARN for quite some time now. They were able to seamlessly integrate this plug-in into their documentation workflow thanks to ARN’s extremely powerful and flexible functions. Compiling and publishing the release notes are no longer any hassle at all. Even importing the release notes into our authoring tool MadCap Flare is no problem. It goes without saying that the ARN support/service is very friendly, quick and highly competent.


All the stars for this product. We utilize a change management process that requires our release notes to be sent to an external team for review. The Amoeboids product really streamlines this process for us and makes it as simple as clicking run on a rule to reliably distribute the email. When I needed help incorporating release items from another Jira board into an existing template, Team was quick to jump on a call help me rewrite the JQL query to pull what I needed.


Our team has been using this app for several months to publish release notes to Confluence. We really love this application as it allows to create our own templates and publish release notes to Confluence with just one click. The developers are responsive to feedback and has recently fixed a bug I found in just one day. I do recommend this app.

Valuable data points to make informed decisions

Key To Personalisation

Right from reporter’s Linkedin profile, Position, Job role & time zone to their organisation’s location, website, employee size & estimated revenue. All this enriched data available to your agent within JSD.

Enriched_Profile attributes
Have questions about the Enriched profile for JSD app ?


Enriched profiles is purposely built for your JSD cloud instance.


Enriched profiles currently does not support the JSD server version.


Enriched profiles will not be available for the data center version of JSD.


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