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How to use confluence release notes template

By on January 12, 2022

Maintaining the documentation of software product releases is as important as shipping the final product, because of the increased visibility it provides. Documentation allows a chance to take a peek at the work that is being done by the team and how they are progressing towards the goals of their product or project.

Maintaining good documentation also lends to continuous improvement, as agile teams seek to be better every release. Having regular updates of release reports allow teams to see the work that has been done and find areas to improve. IT also provides a historic reference on the development of the project, and paves way for better communication (as teams will collaborate with each other to finalize their documentation process).

What are confluence release notes?

Writing release notes is probably one of least favourite things of any team member, but the process need not be a chore. If the tracking and reporting of most of the organization’s work is done in Jira software, users can insert release results straight from Jira into a Confluence page – thanks to the integration between Confluence and Jira. Reports can be added more colour and other minor changes can be made before they are published internally, or made available publicly.

How do I create a release note in Confluence?

Jira Reports Blueprint in Confluence is the place to start with, to create a release notes. Selecting the ellipsis (…) next to Create () from the top navigation item.  Selecting Change log Create under Jira report creates an internal release report. This provides a detailed summary of issues completed in Jira in the release version under question.

After this, the instructions provided by Confluence can guide towards the creation of the report, once it is clarified which release needs to be reported on and what to include in that report.

Image source: Atlassian

Who should use confluence meeting notes?

Everyone in an organization can and should use Confluence Meeting Notes. Everyone involved with the product – like Product Managers, Team Leads, Scrum Masters, Project Managers, QA Managers, Lead Developers, Department Leads and even the CTO and other C-Level executives – must actively participate through confluence meeting notes. Once the meeting agenda is set, a Confluence page can be created and shared with the meeting organizer, for example. Notes in Confluence work best for internal meetings, and there are options to share Meeting Notes externally. The employees and teams that can profit the most are the ones at the intersection of different departments, divisions and teams.

How do I publish a template in Confluence?

Once a good release notes template has been created after multiple tries, it makes sense to convert it into its own confluence release notes template so that it can be used over and over again. This also establishes consistency for everyone who uses release notes. At the top, it is important to include a summary of what’s in the release in the form of a small blurb. The space can be left empty if it’s just a bug fix release. By adding a blurb about new features, functionalities and their impact etc. report makers can help users scan through multiple enhancements of a major release in one quick swipe.

To create a template in a space

You can start by going to the space in question in Confluence Cloud and select Space Settings from the sidebar.

Under that, there’s a Look and Feel card – Select Templates option can be picked from there.

Once the template is identified, clicking on Create new template will generate a new one.

Adding a description in the template gallery helps people discover custom templates. This can be done by selecting the pencil icon from the Description column under the Space Settings – select Templates from the Look and Feel card.

Editing a template is similar to editing a page in Microsoft Word – the differences are few and small. Users can include placeholder text, variables, and labels which help in the creation of rich and dynamic pages in a short span of time.

How do you edit the confluence release notes template?

More detail can be added to the page templates wherever required in confluence release notes. As and when the team gets to know the kind of information required by their team members, users and customers – they can edit the notes to reflect the same. Also, setting up release note templates in Confluence keeps all stakeholders informed about the latest developments, with little or no hassle.

How do you automate a confluence release note?

Automated release notes (ARN) provides a great way to automate a confluence release note.

In order to trigger generation of release notes, rules can be set – so that relevant people or groups of people get the information they need, in the way they can quickly digest. Be it an email to the higher ups, a pdf for client review, a blog post for casual users or an email chain among colleagues – ARN can generate reports based on any rule that is set. Even webhooks are available for integrating with other tools.


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