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    Atlassian Cloud Adoption

    Don't let your teams end up working in silos. Let us help you adopt Jira, Confluence & Service Desk for most of your business functions.


Whether you need us to do initial set up or solve just one-off problem, leverage our expertise & save time

When you are stuck, rely on our expertise to handle administration of Atlassian cloud products – Jira, Confluence or Service Desk.


Don't want to invest in managing Atlassian tools? We can help you with administration services remotely

Focus on what you are best at doing, your business. We will support your team by managing your Atlassian tools remotely, as & when needed.

How Can We Help?

From project set up to best practices.

Best Practices

We've been working with Atlassian tools for the past 6+ years. Not just that, all our core business and support functions utilise these tools. So we will guide you to use them effectively & efficiently, make most of your investment.

Workflow Admin

The core of Jira's power comes from its workflow engine. We can help you create optimum & evolving workflows to streamline your business processes. We will create/modify/test workflows remotely and deploy on your instance.

Remote Training

You are still new to the Atlassian tool set? No worries, we've got your back. While there is a lot of functionality to overwhelm you, we will keep your remote training truly agile. Increasing expertise in your team, as we go along.

Dashboard Insights

One of the most useful features of Jira & Service Desk is their ability to support creation of insightful dashboards. We will help you build useful dashboards, according to each of your team's needs to move your work forward.


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Why Move to Jira, Confluence & Service Desk - All In Cloud?

Here's 4 reasons why!

Tools Consolidation

Rather than using 10s of different tools for various business functions, manage all your tasks, documentation & service requests within the Atlassian suite - Jira, Confluence & Service Desk.
Help your entire team speak the same language, prevent tool bloat & achieve harmonious collaboration. Get the maximum work done with minimum losses in transmissions. Centralise all the org knowledge and convert it into a single source of truth.

Effective Processes

With seamless integration between Jira, Confluence & Service Desk implement the most effective and robust processes. Jira's Workflow engine can support your processes however complex they are.
Put checks & balances where they yield the best results for your team. Extend the Atlassian products with the help of thousands of apps from the Marketplace. Leave nothing to chance. All streamlined & documented.

Cost Efficiency

Once all your processes are centralised within the Atlassian toolset, you will achieve economies of scale. With the team using optimum no. of SaaS tools, make efficient use of every penny spent.
With the power of Jira, move the entire business to agile project management. Exploit the vastness of Confluence to maintain a knowledge & process bank. Service Desk will provide the much needed tool for support functions.

Secure & Up To Date

Atlassian products in cloud means you don't need to maintain any infrastructure. Just point your browser to the right url & move the work forward. Use robust mobile apps to keep a tab when on the move.
Not just Jira, Confluence or Service Desk but also all the apps from the marketplace will remain up to date for you in the cloud. With state of the art, certified security you don't have a thing to worry about.

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