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From Jira & Confluence to Jira Service Management, our apps help you extract more value from your existing Atlassian stack


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Automated Release Notes

Automate the processes from custom release notes creation to distribution. Support for umpteen formats & distribution channels.

Embedder for Confluence  

Take your confluence content where your audience is - right inside of your web & mobile apps, no hassle.


Enriched Profiles for JSM  

Empower your team with enriched profiles for contextual engagement and meaningful connections with your customers.

Release Planning & Reports for Jira

Drive precision in release planning and strategy enhancement with insightful reports for a confident decision-making process.

Roadmap & Idea Portal for JSM

Capture customer feedback & create a compelling product roadmap, all based on your JSM service project.


Screenjar for Jira & JSM

Make it incredibly easy for your team & customers to record their screen. Attach the videos directly to Jira issues.

Super Search for Jira & JSM

Elevate your Jira experience with Super Search - the ultimate solution for swift & precise searches!


Typeform Integration for JSM 

Win over your customers by personalizing ticket creation forms based on different attributes using the amazing UX of Typeform.

UpRaise for Employee Garrison for Jira 

Manage employee records, leaves (vacations or holidays), and calendars for all core HR activities right inside of your Jira instance.

UpRaise for Employee Success for Jira 

This scaled agile app integrates OKRs, continuous feedback and performance reviews seamlessly within Jira.

UpRaise People for Jira 

Complete package. Streamline employee records, leaves, OKRs, feedback, reviews & more with one seamless app.