Atlassian Apps for Customer Support

Ever wondered how to skyrocket customer satisfaction while turbocharging your support team's productivity? Discover the transformative power of our Jira, JSM and Confluence apps.


Elevate customer satisfaction and supercharge support team productivity with our innovative Jira, JSM, & Confluence apps!


Embedder (for Confluence)

  Take your help documentation in Confluence right where your customers are.

  Customise the embedder widgets to match your functional as well as branding needs.

  Find out popular search terms & recent searches on the embedded widgets to identify areas of improvement.

  Include links to your support portal & other resources right in the widget for the best user experience.

Roadmap Portal

Roadmap & Idea portal (for JSM)

  Getting repetitive support tickets on your JSM customer portal? Well, no more!

  Create an idea box to collect votes & feedback from your users.

  Communicate roadmap in any structure that you see fit. Be it quarter focused or simply Later, Next, Now.

  Optionally embed your Roadmap & Idea portal right within your SaaS app through SSO.

Enriched profiles logo

Enriched Profiles (for JSM)

  Improve customer satisfaction by personalising conversations your agents have with them.

  Quickly look at the reporter's personal details such as location, designation etc. 

  Find out more information about the company this reporter works at. All available through public data.


Screenjar - Screen recorder (for Jira & JSM)

  Make it incredibly easy for your customers to record their screens & share the recordings from your JSM customer portal.

  Your agents can do the same & share screen recordings /annotated screenshots with your customers right from JSM tickets.

  No installations or browser extensions needed. Especially useful for non-technical customers.

  Screen recordings / annotated screenshots can be attached even when a support ticket is being created by the customer.


Typeform integration (for JSM)

  Love the interactive nature of Typeform? Want to bring it to your customer support experience?

  Simply set up the form & request mapping in your JSM project.

  Your creativity is the only limit as to how the Typeform interacts with your customers.

  The tickets are created in your JSM project, but with a sweet UX.

Key Benefits Offered by Our Apps

arrow  Flexible customisations to meet your specific needs.
arrow  Rich & insightful reporting to help you make decisions.
arrow  Seamless integration with your existing workflows in Jira, JSM & Confluence.
arrow  Supported by a Platinum Marketplace Partner with Security focus.