Atlassian Apps for Software Developers

Help your software developers be the best version of themselves by providing them tools to do their job well & remain engaged with our apps seamlessly integrated into Jira.


Improve your Software developers' performance with our Jira apps


Automated Release Notes (for Jira & JSM)

  Automate the creation of release notes, saving developers valuable time that would otherwise be spent on manual documentation.

  Ensure release notes are accurate and up-to-date by pulling information directly from Jira issues thereby reducing the risk of human error.

  Enhance collaboration by allowing team members to review and discuss release notes directly within Jira.

  Maintains consistent formatting and content structure across all release notes, improving clarity and readability for stakeholders. 


Screenjar - Screen recorder (for Jira & JSM)

  Improve communication between Developers & rest of the stakeholders by providing visual evidence of bugs and issues.

  Save developers' time by letting them capture and annotate screenshots directly within Jira issues.

  Expedites the troubleshooting process by visually documenting issues,  helping developers identify and resolve problems faster.

Release Planning-banner

Release Planning & Reports (for Jira)

  Help software developers plan and organize their releases more effectively by providing features to schedule, track, and manage release milestones, tasks, and dependencies.

  Generate customisable reports and dashboards that provide insights into release progress and over key performance indicators (KPIs). 

  Provide a centralised platform for release planning and reporting enhancing collaboration among team members. 

  Make nuanced plans & reports with the help of custom fields added on top of Jira versions.

Key Benefits Offered by Our Apps

arrow  Flexible customisations to meet your specific needs.
arrow  Rich & insightful reporting to help you make decisions.
arrow  Seamless integration with your existing workflows in Jira, JSM & Confluence.
arrow  Supported by a Platinum Marketplace Partner with Security focus.