Atlassian Apps for HR Managers

Are you tired of standalone HR tools being ignored by your dev team? Learn how the UpRaise suite of apps in Jira can streamline your HR processes & help you build a winning team.


Optimize performance, elevate engagement, and achieve continuous improvement with UpRaise Apps!


UpRaise for Employee Success (for Jira)

  Set your Objectives & Key Results (OKRs) right inside Jira to overcome the set-and-forget culture. 

  Build a fabric of continuous feedback with real time, manager & employee initiated  feedback messages.

  Complete performance reviews with contextual information gathered from Jira.


UpRaise People (for Jira)

  The complete HR app for all your needs. Consolidates features from Employee Success & Employee Garrison apps.

  Additional feature of people automation takes the UX to a new level.

  Fully flexible & customisable to meet your specific needs. With Slack & Confluence integrations.


UpRaise for Employee Garrison (for Jira)

  Get your core HR processes where your rest of the team is - in your Jira.

  Right from company directory to vacation management to calendar, this app covers all your bases.

  Ease of integration with Google calendar, Tempo timesheets makes your life way easier - the way it should be!

Key Benefits Offered by Our Apps

arrow  Flexible customisations to meet your specific needs.
arrow  Rich & insightful reporting to help you make decisions.
arrow  Seamless integration with your existing workflows in Jira, JSM & Confluence.
arrow  Supported by a Platinum Marketplace Partner with Security focus.