Get Customer Screen Recordings Effortlessly

Make it ridiculously easy for customers to send you video recordings of their screen. No download/install required.


Say goodbye to complex installations and hello to a user-friendly experience. Know your customer issues effortlessly with Screenjar. Capturing your customer's screen has never been this simple!

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Key Features

Request Screen Recordings

With one click, request a screen recording from your customers. Your customers do not need to install any software or browser extensions. With compatibility across top browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Safari and MS Edge, resolve that customer issue with minimum back and forth.


On Brand Experience

Customise the entire screen recording experience to match your brand. The customer never feels like they are using a separate tool for screen recording. Align not just the brand colours but also messaging through a simple interface. Nothing beats the power of brand recognition.

Simple Sharing & Collaboration

Get notified as soon as the customer has submitted their recording through your request link. Share the recording with your colleagues internally via secure shareable links. Integrate with various tools for best in class experience for your customers & support agents. 


How Does It Work?

Step 1

Get A Magic Link

Activate the magic with a click! User the Screenjar dashboard to effortlessly generate your a personalized video request link & share with your target user.

Step 2

User Records Screen

No downloads, no installations. The user records their screen right from their browser and adds optional audio. Upon review, the user just 'submits' their video.

Step 3

Movie Time

Sit back, relax and let the notification roll in. We'll drop you an email, and with just one click, watch the recorded video directly that the user had recorded.

Step 4

C For Collaboration

Need a second opinion? Want to loop in the product team? No Problem! Effortlessly share the recording with anyone and keep the creative collaboration flowing.



Enhanced Customer Experience

Elevate customer support by offering a seamless option for customers to record and convey issues, providing a more intuitive and user-friendly experience.


Visual Communication

Minimize back-and-forth communication by allowing customers to visually articulate support issues, reducing the need for multiple exchanges or calls. 


Optimized Collaboration

Foster better collaboration with your product team by effortlessly communicating issues through customer-recorded videos, for quicker issue resolutions.


User-Friendly Onboarding

Screenjar ensures a super-easy onboarding experience. No installations, no extensions and no steep learning curve for your customers. 

Integrations - Screenjar fits right into your customer support workflow

Screenjar already requires minimal clicks to use, especially with the Chrome extension. But we continue to build deeper integrations with popular help desk & live chat solutions to make it even more frictionless.


Cut down on the back-and-forth by letting customers easily send you videos of their screen.  Try it Free for 14 days


$30 Month

Up to 3 Teammates
Up to 50 videos per month
60 days video retention 



$60 Month

Up to 10 Teammates
Up to 150 videos per month
80 days video retention 



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