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Automated Release Notes for Jira, available in Atlassian Marketplace

Automate Release notes from creation to distribution with ARN, in multiple formats


Get the rote out of Notes

Release notes is an untapped exercise for customer & stakeholder communication. With targeted & useful content you can actually increase the engagement with your product & processes. Automated release notes for Jira takes away the tedious, manual stuff and brings in efficiency with the power of automation.

Automate Release Notes and Save Precious Time


Quick formats, quicker sharing

Generating release notes after every update is a monotonous activity: the different kinds of formats, ensuring consistency with the previous release notes, highlighting and communicating changes to stakeholders – the effort is massive, and instead of writing them, your team could be doing something else that makes more business sense.

Read the customer’s mind (literally)

Frequent releases are difficult to keep track of for customers, as they have to decide if the version changes have any other dependencies. ARN helps them understand the changes through dedicated release pages and in-app widgets. Customer feedback on release notes can be recorded too, giving organizations a peek into their thought process. Setting the pages and widgets up is a one-time affair and it keeps customers in the loop forever via automation.


Convenience rules

In order to trigger generation of release notes, rules can be set – so that relevant people or groups of people get the information they need, in the way they can quickly digest. Be it an email to the higher ups, a pdf for client review, or an email chain among colleagues – ARN can generate reports based on any rule that is set. Even webhooks are available for integrating with other tools.

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The app is very helpful in extending our services in that regard, that it's very easy to inform our clients about new features or bugfixes. This was a big step for us, coming form static pdf files to more integrated and intelligent release info. The app is a very fair price for a lot of value, definitely recommend!

Benjamin Schrenk


Very useful to simplify RN generation. Quite powerful and flexible. Support team is quick. I even received a video demonstration for one of my how-to questions. Recommended.



Our documentation team has been working with ARN for quite some time now. They were able to seamlessly integrate this plug-in into their documentation workflow thanks to ARN's extremely powerful and flexible functions. Compiling and publishing the release notes are no longer any hassle at all.

Michael Loehr

RZI Software

All the stars for this product. We utilize a change management process that requires our release notes to be sent to an external team for review. The Amoeboids product really streamlines this process for us and makes it as simple as clicking run on a rule to reliably distribute the email.

Meghan Gallagher

First American

Our team has been using this app for several months to publish release notes to Confluence. We really love this application as it allows to create our own templates and publish release notes to Confluence with just one click. The developers are responsive to feedback, I do recommend this app.

Anastasiya Selivanava

Service Channel

Automate Release Notes and Save Precious Time

Simplicity of ARN, seen through samples

All release notes are not made equal: some need to be accessed in a Confluence space, some as emails, and some as pdfs. But all of them need to have a structure, and that’s where ARN’s template library comes in. From notes designed as a simple table to ones untilizing sophisticated sequences, there is a template for every need.

Release time, effort and energy

The versatility of Automated release notes for Jira doesn’t stop at release notes – in fact, ARN makes almost every aspect of the ‘release’ part a breeze, and then some.


Release notes can be easily shared with the target audience. Be it Jira users, Jira user groups, Jira project roles or even external users. ARN even lets people subscribe to release notes via Release pages & widgets.

ARN helps in generating release notes based on target audience, thanks to the flexible nature of release notes templates that consist of JQL  based sections. Also, the layouts can be customised to convey the message precisely.

Do not restrict yourself to use only the default issue attributes from Jira. Just configure the custom fields in the release notes templates & you are done. Customise them even further with field level settings as well as custom css.

Cloud version of ARN is a participant in the Atlassian's security programme. It has an ongoing bug bounty initiative that keeps your data safe & secure. We continuously raise the security bar with 3rd party penetration testing.

The FREEdom to ARN

For Cloud, there is a free version of Automated Release Notes for Jira.

Functionalities of the free and paid variants remain the same, except for a few restrictions. These differences may increase based on the feature sets added, but we aim to provide sufficient value even via the free version.

To begin with, free version can be used without any restrictions up to 2 months. Below limitations  get applied after the trial period:

Free Version Paid Version
Rule executions 5 per month Unlimited
Previews (copy/paste release notes) Unlimited Unlimited
Templates All All
Rule triggers All All
Cross project calendar 2 projects Unlimited projects
   ARN branding Cannot be removed Can be removed

Availability of the app

Automated release notes is available for all variants of Jira, right from clustered Data center to more nimble Cloud.


Jira Cloud

ARN works seamlessly with your Jira cloud instance.


Jira Server

Server version of Jira has its own corresponding ARN version.


Jira Data Center

ARN also supports high availability data center version of Jira.


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