How this Agile Team selectively Generates & Distributes Release Notes

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Utah, US

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Automated Release Notes App


Not every release is made equal. Some are feature releases while others are patch releases. Some include major system upgrades while others are focused solely on bug fixes. Every team has its own flavor of release management. Of course, the result is that not every release deployment deserves a corresponding release notes document.


This case study explores the story of an agile software development team that wanted agility in its release notes generation processes without compromising on the automation aspect.

About the Customer

This Utah, US based customer is known for its innovative software solutions, specializing in helping collection agencies navigate complex legal and technological landscapes. This team’s core competency lies in Account receivables problem solving. Their flagship product empowers agencies to thrive amidst evolving regulatory frameworks and technological advancements.

Problem Statement

This agile software development team had a unique set up wherein they released new versions of their Cloud software every week. However, not every release included important updates that needed to be communicated to the customers. To distinguish between these two types of releases they prefixed the version names with FeatureRelease or PatchRelease in Jira. Now, they needed a way to generate & distribute release notes to their customers only when a feature release went live but not for a patch release. And the entire process had to be automated, doing all this each week would mean error prone manual actions.


Automated Release Notes app for Jira, came to this customer’s rescue with automated rule triggers that can be ignored based on regular expressions. So end to end what happened was – the version was marked as released in Jira & it would trigger the rule in ARN. However, a regular expression check in ARN’s rule would mean that the rule is not executed if the version name prefixed ‘PatchRelease’. That was a no-brainer. With ready-in-2-minutes set up, this agile software development team managed to get the desired outcome with minimum efforts.

Key Benefits

    • Enhanced Flexibility: ARN provided the company with the flexibility to trigger release notifications based on custom conditions, ensuring that only in relevant cases stakeholders received communication.
    • Improved Communication: By eliminating confusion between releases and targeting notifications to specific groups based on release types (e.g., patch or feature), ARN facilitated clearer and more effective communication.
    • Efficiency Gains: The streamlined notification process resulted in time and resource savings for the company, as stakeholders were promptly informed about pertinent releases without unnecessary clutter.



The implementation of ARN's tailored release notification solution significantly improved the company's communication strategy. Stakeholders received timely and relevant notifications, leading to increased awareness and engagement with release updates. The resolution of the issue with regular expression functionality further enhanced the effectiveness of the solution, ensuring accurate and reliable notifications.


In conclusion, ARN's customization capabilities addressed this customer’s unique need for flexible release notification triggers, resulting in a more efficient and targeted communication approach. This case study underscores the value of innovative solutions in meeting unique business requirements and driving tangible outcomes within dynamic industries.