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We are building the future we want to work in – and if you want the same, you’re welcome to join in! Every day, we work with exceptional people around the world - creating the latest and greatest tech for Atlassian products that make our customers future ready. Together, we work to harness meaningful, powerful change.


Why Amoeboids ?

We live by our values & enjoy building things that solve real world problems.


We’re nimble

We’re fast. We are motivated. We don’t have time for politics or bureaucracy, and we go ahead and get things done. We experiment, we fail, we experiment again. We don’t stand still, come what may. We love tinkering with the latest and greatest products & technologies. We define our existence by our inquisitive nature, and the desire to do good.


We respect work-life balance

We have to stretch our memory to remember the last time when we worked on a weekend. We adopt different ways of working, and we are looking to expand remotely while staying put at Pune. We reward professional growth, celebrate personal achievements. And, we support each other. We don't let the work-life boundaries blur even when working from home.


We have awesome Perks & Benefits

Just number of years of experience won't help you progress at Amoeboids. We value merit and hard work. We have semi-annual appraisals. Our flexible work hours and work-from-home policies put any self-respecting gymnast to shame. Our insurance and parental benefits provide peace of mind, and we look forward to our annual foreign offsite retreats.


We are making a difference

We are a small team, collaborating with the biggest bigwigs in the history of technology. Our contributions get recognised. We can see our work in action and calculate the positive impact it has made. We can see how each of the ‘I’s contribute towards solving of a problem, and how we’re succeeding as individuals and as a team. We love to excel in our craft of problem solving.


Our hiring process

We are always on the lookout for problem solvers. Our hiring process is transparent & we keep you updated every step of the way.


Application received

Once we receive the application we cross check it against the basic criteria & the required skill sets. Make sure to provide as many details as possible about your educational & professional background. You will have the opportunity to create an account on our recruitment portal to check the status of your application.


Online assessment

If the application gets shortlisted, we expect you to tackle an online skills assessment test. This test can be taken at a time & place of your convenience. Test duration can be something between 30-60 minutes. Depending on the position you are applying for, questions may range from aptitude to coding to communication skills.


Virtual discussions

The last hurdle to cross is a virtual discussion, once all prior assessments are cleared. Depending on the position you are applying for – number of virtual discussions will vary between 1 to 3. It may take about 3-5 hours for this step to complete & the discussions happen over a Zoom call or a Google meet based on your convenience.



The last step in the process involves getting all the necessary documentation from you & drafting an offer. This draft offer is then shared with you for further discussion. Once agreed, formally acknowledge via email. This step can last from 1 day to 2 weeks. If within 2 weeks acknowledgement is not received the offer stands withdrawn.

Careers in the Atlassian World

Mapping the Atlassian jobsphere

Be it managing a project end to end or keeping all employees informed, Atlassian has the tools to get the job done. This versatility lends to a lot of opportunities, but making the most of such open positions needs expertise. Browse through our collection of podcasts, videos and blogs that bring out the opportunities in Atlassian world.

Meet our people

Amoeboids: the inside story


“Awesome place to work, I worked at Amoeboids Technologies full-time for around 3 years”

Former Employee - QA Engineer in Pune

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“Good Working Environment and good work life balance and good hikes.”

Senior Software Engineer in Pune

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“Can work freely, no technical hierarchy is the most good thing, you can reach out to anyone for help”

Software Engineer in Pune

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Wanted: Future builders

We are building the future we want to work in- and if you want the same, you are welcome to join in!

Product Manager


QA Engineer


Software Developer


Couldn’t find the job you are looking for? Send your resume to [email protected]. If we have an appropriate open position, we’ll get back to you!

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