Embedder for confluence

Embedder for Confluence, available in Atlassian Marketplace

Insert widgets and access Confluence content anywhere across the web with Embedder app


Switch between ideas, not tabs

With Embedder for Confluence, there’s no need to switch to another window to check for documentation, whip out a statistic, or find a report. With a few quick steps, everything can be accessed from Confluence space right where you are.


Setup in a snippet

Embedder gives Confluence space admins the ability to generate unique code snippets per space, which can be inserted in any of the webpages across the internet.

Access at fingertips

Embedder makes accessing the confluence documentation a lot quicker. Adding the snippet to a webpage creates a small & non-intrusive web widget that displays the necessary information, right from the Confluence space.


Advanced API

Amplify the understanding of current and potential customers by making the documentation available right within the product. Customise the widget further with advanced javascript APIs.

Embed advantages into Confluence

Embedder for Confluence can integrate with any website, using either a floating widget, a pop-up one or an inline widget. Its key feature is that it can integrate with any modern website


Customise widget colors for seamless branding


Hide/Show widget based on URL rules, user actions


Trigger search via JS APIs


Additional button to help your customers

Availability of the app

Embedder is an app exclusively built for the Cloud version of Confluence, we don't plan to extend it for Server or Data Center versions


Confluence Cloud

Embedder seamlessly integrates with your Confluence cloud instance.


Confluence Server

Embedder app does not support Server version of Confluence.


Confluence Data Center

Data Center version does not have a compatible Embedder app.


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