Release Notes Faceoff: Native Jira Release Notes Vs ARN


This Article provides a comprehensive comparison between the release notes functionality offered by Jira, a popular project management tool and the capabilities of automated release notes apps designed specifically for Jira. By evaluating the strengths and limitations of both options, teams can make informed decisions about the most effective approach to creating release notes within their Jira workflows.

Overview about Release Notes

Release notes are essential in keeping stakeholders informed about software updates. They serve as a bridge between software development teams and users, ensuring effective communication and providing valuable insights into the evolution of a software product.

What is Native Jira Release Notes ?

Jira's native release notes functionality provides a convenient and integrated solution for creating and managing release notes directly within the Jira platform. While it may meet the basic needs of many teams, others may require more advanced features and customization options offered by dedicated release notes apps available for Jira.

Strengths of Native Jira Release Notes

> Seamless Integration within the Jira project management environment.

> Centralized repository for easy access and organization.

> Issue-based documentation for a systematic approach.

> Familiar interface and workflow for Jira users.

Weakness of Native Jira Release Notes

> Limited Customization options and advanced features compared to the dedicated release notes apps.

> Manual effort required for creating release notes, especially for complex release cycles.

> Lack of robust collaboration features for effective team communication.

> Limited formatting options for visually appealing release notes.

> Limited integration with external tools or platforms.

How can ARN be an ideal solution ?

The Automated release notes app for Jira is designed to streamline and enhance the process of creating and distributing release notes within the Jira environment. This app offers features that enable teams to automate the generation of release notes, saving time and effort. By leveraging customizable templates and predefined rules, teams can create consistent and professional-looking release notes with ease.

The app also facilitates collaboration and communication by providing real-time commenting and feedback capabilities. With automated distribution options, teams can ensure that release notes reach the right stakeholders efficiently.


More time, more revenue, happy customers

> Improve Customer Feedback rating

> Shorten the update cycles

> Release in multiple formats

> Create a reference point for documentation

> Monitor the changelog

> Keep all stakeholders informed about the change in the product

Feature Comparison

Features ARN Jira Notes Automation suite
Separate rules & templates
Cross-project automation
AI assisted release notes generation
Support for different formats
- Email
- Confluence
- Markdown
- Post
Standard Template
Customizable Template
- Use of JQL queries
- Use Jira default attributes or custom fields
- Tabular or Sequential layouts
- Optional grouping
- Custom styling
- Slack
- Microsoft Teams
- Confluence page or blog post
- Custom endpoint (Webhook)
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Automate release notes & save precious time.