Roadmap Portal
Jira Service Desk

Get votes & feedback from customers to build a compelling product roadmap, from your JSD project.

Check out the Roadmap portal for Roadmap Portal app

Make it easy for JSD customers to voice their opinions

Public Roadmap Portal

Manage customer feedback in a more organised & collaborative way. Publish a customer feedback & roadmap portal that is publicly accessible. Easily gather customer comments & votes. Build your product roadmap in a transparent way.

Roadmap_Public portal

Use the power of JQL & Jira Service Desk

Flexible & Secure

Roadmap portal is built on top of Jira service desk. It uses the power of JQL to power the public portal. Which means it is immensely flexible. Additionally, it relies on the JSD customer accounts. So all your user data stays secure in your Jira.

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JSD Cloud

Roadmap portal is purposely built for your JSD cloud instance.

JSD Server

Roadmap portal currently does not support the JSD server version.

JSD Data Center

Roadmap portal will not be available for the data center version of JSD.


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