Roadmap Portal for JSM

Product Roadmap Tool for Jira, available in Atlassian Marketplace

Build a compelling product roadmap from any Jira Service Desk project, by getting feature requests and feedback from customers.


Build What Matters

Create a compelling product roadmap for Jira Service Management by capturing customer's feedback, feature requests better and aligning your team to build better products.

Build Your Roadmap To Success

Roadmap Portal Advantage

Roadmap portal works on top of your existing Jira Service Desk project with following advantages

Challenge Roadmap Portal Advantage Outcome
Redundant feature requests Transparent customer feedback & ability to vote/comment on existing requests No more wading through feedbacks, efficient customer engagement
Scattered product feedback Centralised customer feedback and requests in your existing tool i.e. JSM Build a product that actually adds value for your customers & their processes
Disorganised customer feedback Organise the portal the way it solves your problems, no limit on tabs or columns Easy configuration, feedback structure that makes sense for your audience
Time taking roadmap management With the power of JQL, publish roadmap within minutes & set up native automation Zoom past the starting line in no time, all in your familiar environment

Roadmap portal benefits


No more wading through feedbacks & requests

Roadmap portal helps in managing customer feedback and build a roadmap from one centralised place. Stakeholders can vote on requests and feedback, thereby eliminating duplicates and identifying important ones.

Easy Configurations, easier management

There’s no limit to the number of tabs that can be added, and on the number of columns within each of those tabs. Each column, containing appropriate JQL, helps in creating the roadmap portal – which can be go live in a pinch.


Zoom past the starting line

Publishing a public/private/restricted roadmap for customers & prospects takes just a few minutes, thanks to the power of JQL which makes the roadmap portal dynamic. The features are empowered by the underlying Jira service project.

Eliminate uncertainty with elucidated requests

Acting on customer feedback isn’t easy – getting similar requests, same issues reported over and over again, not having enough data on the features to be developed… the whole scenario requires wading through tickers and requests throughout the day. Where is the time for actual development work?

With Roadmap portal, customers get a secure platform to register their requests, in any form they want. They can look at public requests, vote on the issues that are necessary, and create some of their own – either public or private.

With this, the development team gets to see a collated list of customer feedback and requests, minus the duplication and disorganization. The focus will now be solely on creating value, instead of wading through mountains of comments and requests that can take hours to decipher.

Availability of the app

We've built Roadmap Portal exclusively for the Cloud version of Jira Service Management (formerly Jira Service Desk)


JSM Cloud

Roadmap Portal works seamlessly with your JSM Cloud instance.


JSM Server

Roadmap Portal is not available for Server version of JSM.


JSM Data Center

Data Center version of JSM is not compatible for using Roadmap Portal.


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