Subscribing to Success : Bringing Release Notes Front & Center for Customers

HR Technology


Used Apps:

Automated Release Notes App


AI technology is literally evolving every day. Thus, effective communication is paramount for any business that is in this space. Dive deep into this case study to discover how the Automated Release Notes app for Jira helped this prominent player in the industry bring release notes front & center for their customers. By automating the previously manual process of release notes generation and facilitating effortless subscription to release pages, this app revitalized the customer's workflow, fostering enhanced organization and elevated user satisfaction.

About the Customer

Our customer operates in the AI powered HR technology solutions industry, providing cutting-edge solutions to corporate and staffing organizations worldwide. Their products range from Skills intelligence to Candidate engagement and then Labor market insights. Primarily targeted towards Staffing agencies, Corporate HR heads & Governments – these products have raised the industry benchmarks in the last two decades of their existence.

Problem Statement

Given the number of products they have on offer, the customer always struggled when it came to communicating their product updates to relevant customers & stakeholders. Existing manual process was not only time-consuming but also error prone. They needed a more organized, efficient & automated solution to keep the product updates independent & easily consumable. Additionally, they sought a way for end-users to easily subscribe to these updates as & when they went live.


Welcome, Release pages. This is a feature within the the Automated Release Notes app for Jira, that allowed them to create individual ‘What’s new’ pages. Not only that, but stakeholders could also easily subscribe to the updates directly from these individual pages. This meant users could easily subscribe to relevant pages, ensuring they received updates tailored to their interests.

What’s more, the release pages were generated using their develop teams’s projects right within Jira. Once set up, the complete process was hands-off. Now, this customer has published links to the standalone ‘Release pages’ directly within their help center.

Key Benefits

  • Streamlined release notes generation process, saving time and efforts
  • Enhanced organization with individual release pages for different products or components
  • Improved user experience through easy subscription to release pages
  • Increased engagement by delivering relevant updates to end-users


The implementation of the Automated Release Notes app for Jira had a significant impact on the customer’s workflow. It not only improved efficiency and organization but also enhanced user satisfaction. The customer saw increased engagement from stakeholders, leading to a more cohesive and informed user community.


By leveraging the Automated Release Notes app for Jira, our customer in the AI powered HR technology solutions industry successfully addressed their challenges with release notes creation & distribution. The app provided a streamlined and user-friendly solution, resulting in improved communication efficiency and stakeholder engagement. As a result, the customer was able to enhance their product offering and deliver better value to their customers.