AI-Powered Release Notes Transformation for an EU Aviation Technology Company

Aviation Technology


Used Apps:
Automated Release Notes App


Software developers are notoriously famous for not paying enough attention to documentation. Release notes, for them, fall into the same bucket. That’s when something like chatGPT/AI can fundamentally change the behavior. Simply by coming up with a first draft, AI goes a long way in ensuring that the release notes are paid attention to. This same thing happened for one of our customers who have been using Automated release notes app for Jira since last 3 years. Dive into their journey of using AI to take their release notes game a notch higher.

About the Customer

This Europe based prominent company in aviation technology, is dedicated to delivering groundbreaking solutions for airlines worldwide. With a keen focus on innovation, they leverage cutting-edge technology to drive digital transformation and operational excellence. With a suite of products geared towards various stakeholders in airline operations, this team is just taking off.

Problem Statement

Although this customer was already using our app, Automated release notes for quite some time now, manually writing release notes was still time taking for their subject matter experts (SMEs) & technical writers. They were gathering the relevant information from multiple custom fields in Jira & then using that to come up with appropriately written release notes. This cumbersome process hampered efficiency and diverted focus from critical tasks.


When the AI powered release notes generation feature was added to the app, this customer grabbed the opportunity with both hands. All they did was, used the Automated release notes app for Jira, to generate the first draft version of release notes. This meant the SMEs & technical writers did not need to start from scratch. AI generated release notes meant alleviation of the burden on SMEs and technical writers. The team still modifies the first draft & invests efforts to make the release notes as good as possible, they now save time by avoiding starting on a blank slate.

Key Benefits

    • AI-Driven Efficiency: AI powered release notes generation allowed for swift and accurate draft version, drastically reducing the time and effort required to come up with the final version of release notes.
    • Resource Optimization: SMEs and technical writers could reallocate their saved time and expertise to strategic initiatives, maximizing productivity and innovation.
    • Precision and Consistency: Over a period of time, the AI became smarter as this customer improved their prompts. And since the Automated release notes for Jira app supports custom prompts, the results were pure precision & consistency.


The adoption of AI-driven release notes generation yielded transformative results for the customer. By streamlining workflows and leveraging advanced technology, the company achieved unparalleled efficiency and productivity gains. The AI-driven ticket summarization enhanced the quality and reliability of release notes, fostering seamless communication and collaboration within the organization.


In conclusion, the integration of AI within the Automated Release Notes App revolutionized our customer's release notes generation process. Through innovation and automation, the company successfully minimized workload, optimized efficiency, and elevated the overall quality of their release notes. This case study underscores the immense potential of AI-powered solutions in driving operational excellence and delivering tangible value to customers in diverse industries.