Impeccable Coordination with Cross Project release calendar in Automated Release Notes for Jira

Fintech Services

California, USA

Used Apps:

Automated Release Notes


In today's fast-paced software development landscape, efficient release coordination is crucial, especially for larger organizations managing multiple projects with dependent schedules. 


In pursuit of enhanced coordination within their larger organization, this customer sought a solution to streamline team collaboration and centralize the visibility of release dates. Discover how our customer based out of San Francisco, California, discovered the ARN's approach which transformed their coordination challenges into a seamless, efficient process, empowering them to achieve their goals with precision and clarity. This case study delves into the transformative impact of Automated Release Notes (ARN) app for Jira, highlighting its "Cross Project Release Calendar Gadget".

About the Customer

This California-based customer is on a mission to empower businesses with intuitive software, point-of-sale, and payment solutions, enabling them to run their operations on their terms. They believe in the freedom to choose how businesses operate, whether big or small. Their technology is designed to adapt to each business's unique needs, supported by a 24/7 team of experts who ensure seamless operations, always upholding values of fairness, flexibility, and a personal touch.

Problem Statement

The customer, a large organization managing multiple projects, struggled with complex release coordination due to diverse project schedules. The absence of a centralized system hindered visibility, leading to planning inefficiencies, resource allocation challenges, and delayed decision-making. The lack of automation also impacted change tracking, affecting productivity and eventually the customer satisfaction.


Automated Release Notes app for Jira offered a very simple yet powerful solution to address the customer's challenges in release management. Its gadget for Jira dashboard, the Cross Project Release Calendar Gadget, serves as a centralized hub for release efforts coordination. One can handpick Jira projects whose releases should be included in this calendar.

Key Benefits

    • Streamlined Coordination: Simplified release coordination efforts across multiple projects.
    • Enhanced Visibility: Provided unprecedented visibility into release schedules for better planning.
    • Accelerated Decision-Making: Expedited decisions with real-time release data.
    • Efficient Change Tracking: Seamless tracking of changes for improved accuracy.


This Cross Project Release Calendar gadget delivered a profound impact for the customer. It streamlined release coordination, providing unparalleled visibility and expediting decision-making. This not only enhanced productivity and accuracy but also led to improved customer satisfaction by ensuring on-time, high-quality software delivery.


ARN's transformative impact showcases how simple features can help teams navigate complex processes, enabling organizations to operate more efficiently and effectively. It serves as a testament to the power of innovation in overcoming challenges and achieving tangible, positive outcomes.