How a healthcare company did more than just release notes with Automated Release Notes app for Jira


Florida, USA

Used Apps:
Automated Release Notes


As organizations grow, their processes mature. There is clarity around KPIs and the underlying reporting is robust. But what becomes a bit cumbersome is the human intervention required to generate those myriad different reports. But given that effective communication and collaboration are cornerstones for a successful project delivery, one cannot simply let go of the reporting piece however tedious its creation could be. That's where automation makes things easier.

This Healthcare software company from Florida, USA, was already heavily using the Atlassian tools - Jira & Confluence. Jira, for their project management activities and confluence, for team collaboration & communication. In fact, they were already doing some of their reporting on Jira data within Confluence. When they found out about Automated Release Notes (ARN) app's Jira & Confluence integration, it was just a matter of time before they implemented extensive reporting automation.

About the Customer

The customer is a leading health information software development and systems integration company at the forefront of healthcare innovation for the past three decades. With a strong presence in both the public and private sectors, thousands of clinicians and administrative staff across the nation utilize their services and solutions daily. Their motto is to improve productivity and deliver quality products to their customers.

Problem Statement

The customer already had manual processes in place to create several reports in Confluence every month. The reports included Development team-oriented release notes, Marketing release notes, Changelog for non-technical users, 30 days of team efforts & more. In total, there were 15 such reports they were creating in Confluence, every month. By having all this information in Confluence, it was easy to conduct efficient discussions,  complete the root cause analysis etc. But the biggest time sink was, creating these reports manually. Apart from the time it took, maintaining the accuracy of the reports was a challenge since the process was manual.


When the customer learned about the Automated Release Notes App, they immediately started the evaluation. Given the Jira expertise at this customer organization, within no time the feature that stood out for them was: the flexibility that came with ARN templates due to its reliance on Jira Query Language (JQL). And of course, there was this powerful capability to automatically create, update, append and prepend Confluence pages with Jira data using ARN.

That's all they needed. Within a day's time they finalized their release notes & reporting templates in the Automated release notes app for Jira and had done a quick pilot.

The customer immediately moved forward and implemented the app across majority of their automated reporting needs. Eventually, the ARN app allowed this customer to create 15 Confluence pages full of relevant information automatically and send an email to the pertinent audience without any 'clicks'.


By using the Automated Release Notes App, this healthcare software company not only save a lot of time for its people but also makes its release notes & other reporting accurate. This efficiency positively impacts the entire organization, right from the frontline contributors to the business executives.

An expert at this customer organization eventually ended up writing two articles in the Atlassian community around how they use the Automated release notes app. Here are the links to article 1 & article 2.