How a supply chain company closed the DevOps cycle with Automated Release Notes app for Jira

Supply Chain Management


Used Apps:
Automated Release Notes


In the dynamic world of supply chain management, efficiency reigns supreme. Yet, one obstacle stood in the way of streamlined operations for a company: the need to manually distribute release notes despite the existence of advanced DevOps processes in the team. Manual tasks consumed valuable time as each developer's changes necessitated a manual push across multiple environments.

A forward-thinking supply chain management organization hailing from Manchester embarked on a quest to amlify the Jira Release Notes experience. They sought an effective solution to seamlessly integrate their rest of the DevOps processes with release notes generation & distribution. That search led them to the transformative capabilities of the Automated Release Notes (ARN) app, the ultimate solution for automation, time-saving, and operational acceleration.

About the Customer

This is a leading supply chain management company in Manchester, UK. They offer end-to-end supply chain management, covering everything from procurement and warehouse operations to financial management and reporting. Their integration prowess extends even further, seamlessly connecting with Voice and RF warehouse systems, transitioning businesses into a real-time, paperless operation.

Problem Statement

This team already had invested significant efforts in having an automated DevOps process. They had integrated Bamboo, customized the processes with a bunch of scripts & had only one step that required manual intervention – release notes generation & distribution. Since the release frequency was low, when they released a new version of their software – it had a long list of changes included. Manually keeping track of all these changes & communicating them properly through release notes was a challenge. Add on top of that, the intricate distribution needs. They needed a solution that could not only generate & distribute release notes but also do it by fitting into their DevOps automation.


Automated Release Notes (ARN), equipped with a groundbreaking feature: Webhook Triggers was the savior for this client. They leveraged deployment scripts within the Bamboo server to trigger ARN's automation rule via Webhook. With a knack for problem-solving, their team fairly quickly realized the value of this seamless closure of the DevOps cycle.

Key Benefits:

  • Precision Automation: Use of scripts enabled creation & distribution of release notes, synced perfectly with the completion of specific processes in other applications.
  • Tailored Triggers: Webhooks could be set up to ensure release notes were generated only after successful deployments in designated environments.
  • Scripting Flexibility: ARN's webhook triggers made it super easy for the client to invoke them via something as simple as cURL or as sophisticated as a Windows batch script.


The client achieved a transformative outcome by embracing ARN's integration capabilities with their other DevOps lifecycle tools. The results were not only visible in the improved efficiency of the release process but also in the broader benefits of reduced costs, increased accuracy, and an empowered supply chain management system.


By automating the release notes generation & distribution process, and coupling it seamlessly with key processes in other applications, our client achieved a new level of control and accuracy in their DevOps automation. The result was not only enhanced productivity but also improved collaboration across different stages of the release cycle.