Send release notes (from Jira) directly to your web or mobile app via widgets


Increasing engagement with the release notes is always a challenge. Especially when they reach the customers at the wrong place & the wrong time, release notes tend to get ignored.

There is a better way

Placing release notes right in front of the audience when they are already working inside your web or mobile app. Add to it the ability to showcase 'unread' count & you have got a recipe for attracting end user attention to your release notes.


  App used


Automated Release Notes





One of many release notes formats supported by Automated release notes app for Jira is 'Widgets'. One can configure widgets within ARN in such a way that

  • Only the relevant Jira issues are included in the final release notes
  • Only the selected issue fields (default & custom) make up the release notes content
  • The look & feel of the widget aligns with your brand's personality

On top of this, the widget itself comes in three different modes - Floating, Inline & Bar.

02-New Bar widget mode for ARN widgets is here

All you have to do is add the small JavaScript snippet provided by the widget configuration screen in your code.

Unread release notes count

Additionally, the widgets offer capability to support a user identifier. Meaning, it can highlight unread release notes count to the users based on when they last viewed release notes in that widget. This is how it would appear in practice.

Unread release notes count

Use the Power of Automation

ARN for Jira comes with multiple automation triggers. The most relevant here is - 'marking a version as released in Jira'. As soon as that happens, you can set up the rule in ARN to publish release notes in your widget. Which will mean the release notes are in front of your customers as soon as the changes go live.

Be in Complete Control

You can dictate through your own code which pages or screens in your app display the release notes widget, whether the widget should be triggered through a button or a link and so much more. Whatever the need, you are in complete control with the ARN's release notes widgets.