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4 Reasons to Incorporate Release Notes in Development Workflow

What are the Top Reasons To Incorporate Release Notes In Development Workflow?

As a software developer do you ever find yourself asking: What build files need to be updated? What features are ready for testing? Is this a known issue? Or do you keep hearing, “That’s a known issue; we don’t test that feature.” If your answer is yes, then you will appreciate the value of release notes. Watch this video to learn about the reasons for incorporating release notes in your development workflow.

Video Brief-

The video showcases the reasons to incorporate release notes in the development workflow. Here is what it covers:-

  1. Communicate with your end users, and all the stakeholders via release notes
  2.  Consider release notes as a customer facing acceptance criteria
  3. Make your software development team truly cross functional
  4.  Personalizing release  notes for different personas