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A brief guide to release planning

Release planning is a crucial aspect of successful software development and product management. It is an iterative process that requires flexibility and adaptability. By following this brief guide video, you can establish a solid foundation for successful release planning, leading to smoother product launches and improved customer satisfaction.

This video provides detailed guide to release planning

Video Brief-

Release planning is an important process for teams focused on delivering products to customers.

Different approaches to release planning include Agile release planning, feature-based release planning, time-based release planning, and continuous release planning.

  • Agile release planning involves breaking down the development process into smaller iterations called sprints.
  • Feature-based release planning groups features into logical sets and releases them as packages.
  • Time-based release planning sets a specific date for the release, regardless of the included features or functionality.
  • Continuous release planning involves continuously releasing minor updates or enhancements to the software.

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