Automated Release Notes App

AI Powered Release Notes Using Automated Release Notes App For Jira

Unveil the future of project management with our AI-driven release notes app for Jira. From seamless documentation to effortless collaboration, experience innovation like never before, powering your team towards unparalleled success. Watch this video to learn more.

Video Brief-

In this video, Annu from our team demonstrates how to use the AI-powered automated release notes app for Jira. She explains the setup process, key features, and how to generate, review, and publish AI-generated release notes efficiently within Jira projects.Here are the steps:

  • It starts by showing how to enable the feature through Jira Administration by navigating to manage apps and configuring the “allowed release notes generation through AI” option for selected projects.
  • Accessing the Generator Tab: The generator tab is available only within the in-project screen. To access it, navigate to the project, and then to the automated release notes app from the left navigation menu. This tab is not available from the cross-project screen accessed via the top menu.
  • Main Features: Users can set a default or custom prompt for AI, decide on the tone, word count, output language, and input field for the content. The video demonstrates selecting a description field for public release notes, setting a JQL query to filter issues, and using the AI to generate content suggestions based on the input.
  • Review and Update: The generated suggestions can be reviewed, modified, or used as-is. Users can choose actions like keeping existing content, using AI suggestions, or modifying input. The video shows how to update choices in bulk for multiple issues and send email notifications to stakeholders.
  • Publishing Release Notes: The generated content can be configured in rule actions and published via various templates, including email and Confluence. The video also explains the option to use Jira issue properties instead of fields, beneficial for large organizations with complex workflows. The custom prompt feature allows further customization of AI-generated content.