C-suite Conversations

Anand Inamdar, CEO Amoeboids in conversation with Anna Odrynska, Alpha Serve

The C-suite Conversations

Anand Inamdar, CEO Amoeboids, in conversation with Anna Odrynska, Alpha Serve

The C-Suite Conversations is a series of interviews with C-Suite executives from various industries hosted by our CEO, Anand Inamdar. The series explores successful leaders’ experiences, insights, and strategies in the C-Suite, covering topics such as leadership, innovation, digital transformation, and more.

Video Brief:-

The video showcases a conversation between Anand Inamdar, CEO of Amoeboids, and Anna Odrynska, who represents Alpha Serve. In the discussion, Anna discusses the services provided by Alpha Serve as an outsourcing provider for software development for companies worldwide. Anna also talks about their various applications on the Atlassian Marketplace and their core competence in data extraction and business intelligence. The conversation further delves into how the pandemic has influenced the business intelligence industry and its trends. Some tips which she shared for leaders wanting to leverage the power of business intelligence included:-

  • Plan and prepare well before you decide on the implementation of any BI tool
  • Collaborate and discuss the requirement
  • Cost and implementation analysis

Anna also shared that customer support teams are most likely to adopt the business intelligence tools in the initial stages of implementation of BI tools. Watch this video to learn more about this conversation.