Automated Release Notes App

Email Confluence page URL created or updated via ARN

How to email a Confluence page URL created or updated using Automated Release notes app for Jira?

Easily email Confluence page URL created or updated using automated release notes for jira app. This video uncovers all the steps to be followed.

Video Brief-

The video shows how you can use the Automated Release Notes (ARN) app for Jira to create or update a Confluence page and send an email to a targeted audience that includes the link to the Confluence page. It provides you with steps on how to create an email template that includes the variable “confluence url” and shows how to add this template to a rule that includes the Confluence and email actions. It also highlights the importance of running the email action after the Confluence action to ensure that the confluence url variable is generated correctly. You also get a suggestion on using the use case for pre-release meetings where the release notes document is published in Confluence and the link is sent out to a group of users for discussion.