Embedder for Confluence App

Embedder for Confluence – Explainer

Embed Confluence content anywhere with Embedder for Confluence

Insert widgets and access Confluence content anywhere across the web with the Embedder app. Embedder is a great way to take your Confluence content to your users, at the right place & right time. This is especially handy when your Confluence space is a knowledge base & that content should be available right in your product.

Video Brief-

Embedder for Confluence allows users to embed Confluence content anywhere in the form of a small, non-intrusive and interactive widget.Users can insert the javascript snippet from Embedder into their web or mobile apps for easy customization such as landing page colors and dimensions.Three different variations of widgets are available to offer Confluence content in the most convenient way.The advanced API loads widgets with specific search terms or page ID to ensure the audience accesses the right content every time.Embedder also has a search reporting feature to optimize content for self-support, increase engagement, and add value for the audience.Watch this video to learn more about it.