Automated Release Notes App

Free version of ARN vs default release notes feature in Jira

What is the difference between the Free version of ARN and the default release notes feature in Jira?

Comparison between FREE automated release notes versus default release notes feature in Jira. Watch this video for all the details about the features each one provides.

Video Brief-

The video explains the differences between the default release notes feature in Jira and the free version of the Automated Release Notes (ARN) app for Jira, which is only available for cloud instances. It shows you the comparison between the different formats available for generating release notes and the layout options. 

  • The default feature only offers two formats (HTML and markdown) and three layout variations, while ARN allows users to create templates in any form, such as PDF, email, Confluence, and JSON. ARN also provides more layout customization options, including the ability to select what information to include in the final release notes content and to display them differently, such as applying additional styling or grouping items differently. 
  • ARN has a limit of five automated executions per month, but the free version has no limit on previewing and copying the content of the release notes.