Automated Release Notes App

Generating release notes for diff customers easily with ARN for Jira (Powered by Custom variables)

Discover how ARN for Jira, fueled by Custom Variables, makes generating unique release notes a breeze! Say hello to personalized updates tailored for each customer. Don’t miss our video to unlock seamless project management and delighted clients.

Video Brief-

The  app provides “Custom Variables,” enhancing the ability to generate tailored release notes for different customers. This new feature allows for further customization and automation, streamlining the process of creating personalized documents. Here are the steps to Generate Customized Release Notes.

  • Setup Custom Variables-Define custom variables in ARN. Mirror the configuration of these variables with Jira custom fields.
  • Assign Customers in Jira-Assign specific customers or “all customers” to each Jira issue.
  • Configure Templates in ARN-Integrate custom variables into ARN templates. Use JQL sections to pull data based on customer-specific issues and common issues for all customers.
  • Set Default Values-Assign default values to custom variables to simplify the input process during template execution.
  • Automate and Distribute-Create automation rules in Jira to generate and send release notes. Use email actions with templates containing custom variables to distribute personalized release notes to each customer.