Automated Release Notes App

Generating release notes when not using Versions/Releases in Jira (Powered by Custom variables)

Watch this video on how to effortlessly generate release notes in Jira even without using Versions or Releases. In this tutorial, we explore an ARN use case powered by Custom Variables, providing a seamless solution for efficient release management. Watch now and unlock the power of customized release notes.

Video Brief-

The video introduces custom variables in the Automated Release Notes (ARN) app for Jira. This feature helps teams generate release notes based on date ranges instead of traditional versions or sprints, which is useful for continuous deployment practices. Here are the steps to generate Release Notes using custom variables

  • Access the ARN app and navigate to the “Custom Variables” tab. Create two custom variables of type “date picker” for the start date and end date.
  • Assign default values to the custom date variables to facilitate validation and provide initial inputs.
  • Open your ARN template and adjust the JQL sections.
  • When running the template, input the desired date range for the custom variables. The template will use these dates to filter issues and generate the release notes accordingly.
  • Preview the template to ensure the correct issues are included based on the date range. Generate the final release notes document, which dynamically reflects the specified date range without needing version or sprint data.