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How frequently should you publish release notes?

How frequently should you publish release notes?

Release notes are crucial for internal & external stakeholder communication. So, it is evident that they should be published as frequently as possible. Right? Wrong! If you don’t optimize the release notes publishing frequency based on the target audience, soon you will drive the engagement into the ground.

Video Brief-

The video discusses the importance of release notes for communicating with internal and external stakeholders. It highlights the need to optimize the frequency of release note publication based on the target audience. For example, if the team operates with agility and updates the product frequently, sending release notes to customers with the same frequency may not be helpful and can even bring down engagement. Instead, the support team should receive all release notes that impact their ability to assist customers, and the development team is more interested in change logs than release notes. The video suggests segmenting the target audience and optimizing the release note publishing frequency according to their needs.