Automated Release Notes App

How to insert Release Notes Widgets inside of your Web or Mobile apps with ARN

How to Insert Release Notes Widgets inside of your Web or Mobile apps? 

Easily embeddable release notes widgets for your web or mobile application with automated release notes app for jira. In videos will help you understand how this can be achieved easily.

Video Brief-

It explains how to insert the release notes widget inside a web or mobile application. The process involves creating a new widget with the desired content layout and configuring its appearance. It shows you how you can modify the JQL query to fetch the relevant Jira issues for the widget content. After creating the widget, users can obtain the embed code to insert it into their web or mobile application. You can also see how you can populate the widget with data by creating a rule in the automated release notes tab and executing it manually. The release notes widget can display information about new features, enhancements, and bug fixes, making it useful for engaging customers.