Automated Release Notes App

Keeping everything on track with Cross project release calendar in Jira | Automated Release Notes App

In this video, you’ll learn how to manage cross-project releases in Jira using the Automated Release Notes (ARN) app. We’ll guide you through setting up a release calendar, automating release notes, and tracking progress to ensure smooth and timely project deliveries.

Video Brief-

In this video Annu from our team discusses using the ARN app for managing release calendars in Jira. Here the steps explained –

  • You can add a release calendar to your Jira dashboard by editing the dashboard and adding the Arn Gadget.
  • The free version of the ARN app allows adding up to two projects, while the paid version has no project limit.
  • The release calendar displays releases from multiple projects, each project highlighted with a different color.
  • Features include viewing release details, issue status, pie charts, and duration arrows indicating past or future releases.