Automated Release Notes App

Navigating to Automated Release Notes Screens in Jira

Navigating To Automated Release Notes Screens In Jira

Boost your team’s productivity by automating the process from custom release notes creation to distribution using the automated release notes app for jira. Checkout this video to understand how you can navigate to automated release notes screens in jira.

Video brief-

The video provides details about how you can navigate to the Automated Release Notes (ARN) screens in Jira. The 3 ways shown are 

1) Through the cross-project screen in the “More apps” menu

2) Via the in-project screen accessible only within a Jira project

3)Finally through the ARN option in the left-hand navigation menu for Jira administrators. 

It also emphasizes the importance of not confusing Jira’s default release notes screen with the ARN screen.