Automated Release Notes App

Product Explainer Video

Software development teams rely on release notes to communicate about new features & changes to the stakeholders. Given the variety of stakeholders involved, it is obvious that these release notes are generated in multiple formats & promoted via different channels.

If you are already using Jira, Automated release notes (ARN) automates the entire process for you.

Right from generating release notes in various formats such as email, pdf, HTML, Confluence pages to communicating them to various players – all of this can be performed in a completely automated fashion.

Video brief:-

  • The focused on the use of our add-on app for jira Automated Release Notes 
  • The add-on automates the process of creating release notes for software updates.
  • It takes information from JIRA issues and automatically converts them into release notes in various formats, such as email, PDF, HTML, and more.
  • This allows users to create templates, define custom rules, and automate how release notes are sent out.
  • This helps to keep all stakeholders in the loop through constant communication.
  • With the addition of a small JavaScript snippet, the add-on also allows users to publish release notes directly to their web and mobile apps.
  • You can try this app and save your team’s valuable time.