Automated Release Notes App

Publishing trends_stats in Confluence with ARN

How to publish trends & stats from Jira to Confluence?

Trends & stats from Jira can be smoothly published in Confluence using the automated release notes app for jira. This video uncovers all the details.

Video Brief-

It provides a step-by-step method to generate trends and statistics based on different JQLs, then publish the results on a Confluence page using the automated release notes app for jira. The example in the video shows how to create a release versus issue-type distribution page. Here are the steps:

  1. Name a new Confluence page appropriately, such as “Release versus Issue Type Distribution Trend.”
  2. Add the Page Properties Report macro to the page and name it “dummy-issue.” Remember this label, which will be used later in ARN’s relevant configuration.
  3. Create a Confluence template for the trend by selecting “Confluence” as the template type and naming it “Release versus Issue Type Distribution.”
  4. Remove the ARN branding and keep only the necessary elements in the template.
  5. Insert the Page Properties macro and a table with rows for version name, release date, and issue type distribution.
  6. Insert the Stack section for each issue type, such as stories, bugs, and tasks, and set the JQL appropriately. Use the “return total number” option to avoid displaying the JQL as a link.
  7. Hide the Page Properties Report macro, so it is not displayed on the Confluence page.
  8. Insert the Jira Issues Filter macro and set the JQL to retrieve all issues for the selected issue types.
  9. Save the Confluence template.
  10. Create a new rule in ARN and name it “dummy-issue.”
  11. Keep the trigger manual and insert the Confluence action.
  12. Select the Confluence template and the relevant Confluence instance and space.
  13. Insert the parent page ID, which is the page ID of the “dummy-issue” page created earlier, and the label for the page.
  14. Save the rule and run it for a specific version to generate the trend and statistics on the Confluence page.