Roadmap Portal App

Roadmap Portal for Jira Service Desk

How to craft a perfect product roadmap using a roadmap portal app for Jira service desk? 

Are you already using the Jira service desk for customer support? And you now need to tame the chaos of redundant tickets & multi-channel product feedback. Then, the Roadmap portal is a Jira service desk app meant for you. Based on tickets in your Jira service desk, publish a public roadmap & quickly gather customer feedback, votes & comments. Turn your customer support tool into customer delight. 

Video Brief-

Customer feedback is crucial for creating a successful software product. The team uses Jira Service Desk to manage the software product and customer support. Feedback from multiple channels can make it challenging to keep track of all the requests, leading to redundancy and difficulty creating a unified roadmap. Roadmap Portal for Jira Service Desk is introduced as a solution to develop public portals that help customers and teams understand the feature requests and bug reports and their status in the roadmap. The roadmap portal app is highly customizable, can be branded, and enables automation of roadmap management, saving time and increasing efficiency in product development. Watch this video to learn more.