Roadmap Portal App

Roadmap Portal – Introduction

Roadmap portal for Jira Service Desk – Quick Intro Video

Are you using the Jira service desk for supporting external customers? Now extend it to build what matters most. Collaborate with your customers, and get their votes & feedback to develop a compelling product roadmap.

Video Brief-

The video is a quick introduction to the Roadmap Hotel app for JIRA Service Desk. The app is designed for companies with end-users or teams that request new features, report bugs or suggest product enhancements. It helps teams to collaborate with their end-users and develop valuable features. The traditional process of handling customer tickets through the JIRA Service Desk can be inefficient and needs more collaboration. The Roadmap Hotel app integrates seamlessly with JIRA Service Desk, is customizable and secure, and allows customers to engage with a public roadmap, vote, comment and collaborate with the team. Watch this video to learn more.