Automated Release Notes App

Seamlessly announce new releases via LinkedIn posts (with Automated release notes for Jira)

In this video checkout how our latest feature simplifies the process of announcing new releases via LinkedIn. Learn how Automated release notes for Jira streamline updates, ensuring seamless communication with your network. Stay ahead effortlessly with our integrated solution.

Video Brief-

In this video, Sujeet demonstrates how to use the Automated Release Notes for Jira (ARN) to seamlessly publish new release announcements to LinkedIn. The feature utilizes LinkedIn announcement templates, allowing for automated and efficient communication of release updates on LinkedIn. Here are the steps to be followed:-

  • Ensure LinkedIn is integrated with ARN. Verify integration in the status table and configure with the help of a Jira admin if needed.
  • Set up LinkedIn announcement templates with variables such as version name, description, release date, and URLs. Attachments like PDFs, Word documents, or PowerPoint files can be included.
  • Establish rules for automation by selecting actions like creating a release page and publishing a LinkedIn announcement. Proper sequencing of actions is crucial for URL generation.
  • Demonstrates triggering the rule manually, showing the process of generating a LinkedIn post with correctly replaced variables and attached files.
  • Rules can be triggered automatically based on events like version releases, sprint starts, completions, or webhook triggers, streamlining the announcement process on LinkedIn.