Automated Release Notes App

Send custom release notes & reports to Slack with Automated release notes app for Jira

In this video, we’ll explore how integrating Slack with Jira through an Automated Release Notes App can transform your release management process. With this integration, your team can streamline communication, improve transparency, and boost efficiency across the entire development lifecycle. 

Video brief-

The video covers the creation of Slack templates, configuring various message blocks, integrating JQL and AI-generated summaries, previewing and adjusting the message, and setting up automated posting to Slack channels. 

  • The app allows users to create custom Slack templates by selecting the Slack template type and using the Slack template builder. Templates can be either local (project-specific) or global (available across projects).
  • Users can add various blocks to their Slack messages, including headers, context, dividers, and sections. Each block supports both plain text and markdown formatting, and users can also add buttons and images.
  • The app supports adding JQL sections to fetch issues dynamically and allows up to 50 blocks in one template. An AI generator can create summaries based on the retrieved issues, enhancing the message content.
  • After creating the template, users can preview the Slack message in JSON format and copy it to the Slack Block Kit Builder for final adjustments before posting it to Slack channels.
  • Users can set up automated rules to post messages to Slack based on triggers.