The Product Perspective Talks

Sujeet Pathak, Amoeboids in conversation with Melek Jebnoun, Vectors Software

The Product Perspective Talks: Melek Jebnoun, Co-founder & CPO, Vectors Software

Embark on a journey into the heart of product management with ‘The Product Perspective Talks.’ In this engaging series, seasoned product managers discuss their experiences, challenges, and successes in the ever-evolving world of technology. Gain valuable insights into the strategies and trends shaping product development, making this series an invaluable resource for both seasoned professionals and newcomers to the field.

In our latest episode of “The Product Perspective Talks” video series, our guest Melek Jebnoun- Co-founder & CPO, Vectors Software talks about product management with our senior product manager, Sujeet Pathak.

Video Brief-

Melek shares her extensive journey in the tech industry, spanning over a decade, starting as a developer and transitioning to roles such as consultant and ultimately becoming the Chief Product Officer at Vectors. The discussion delves into the challenges of product management, with a focus on finding the right balance between customer needs, product vision, and innovation.

Melek reflects on both successes and failures in product development, emphasizing the importance of listening to users and maintaining a feedback loop. The conversation also touches on the impact of changes in Atlassian products, particularly the transition to the new Confluence editor. Melek provides insights into adapting to these changes and highlights the significance of incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) trends in product development. The episode concludes with recommendations for resources and mentors in the product management domain offering valuable insights for those navigating the field of product management within the Atlassian ecosystem.