The Product Perspective Talks

Sujeet Pathak, Amoeboids in conversation with Ostap Zaishlyi, Reliex

The Product Perspective Talks: Sujeet Pathak in Conversation with Ostap Zaishlyi, Senior Product Manager at Reliex

Dive deep into the pulse of product management with ‘The Product Perspective Talks’! Join us in this captivating series as seasoned product maestros share their tales of triumph, lessons from challenges, and insights into the dynamic world of technology.

In our newest episode, the spotlight is on Ostap Zaishlyi, Senior Product Manager, Reliex, engaging in a riveting discussion on product management with our senior product manager, Sujeet Pathak.

Video Brief-

Ostap shares his unexpected journey into product management, starting from a support role and eventually becoming a product manager at Reliex. The conversation delves into challenges in product management, customer success stories, and a thoughtful discussion on the role of AI in products, emphasizing the need for efficiency and responsible handling of customer data.

The success stories highlighted include instances of departments staying with Reliex through transformations and former users becoming advocates, bringing the product to new companies. Ostap also shares insights on addressing challenges in understanding customer problems and stresses the importance of recognizing that customers articulate problems, not solutions. The discussion concludes with tips on using AI judiciously and recommended resources for aspiring product managers