The Project Management Talks

Sujeet Pathak, Product Manager in conversation with Shashank Pandya, Product Manager, Osmosis Learn

The Project Management Talks

The Project Management Talks is a lively forward-looking series of conversations about hot topics and emerging trends impacting the world of project managers, from digital transformation to artificial intelligence to career development. Each episode includes insights and perspectives from senior and rising project managers, business leaders and startups, best-selling authors, top researchers and a wide range of leading-edge thinkers.

In this episode we have our guest Shashank Pandya, Product Manager at Osmosis Learn in conversation with our product manager Sujeet Pathak.

Video Brief-The video features a conversation between two product managers, Sujeet Pathak from Amoeboids and Shashank Pandya from Osmosis, about the evolving area of product management. They discuss the impact of the pandemic and digital transformation on the edutech industry, which has seen a shift from offline to online learning and the emergence of new players and products. They also talk about the challenges of setting a roadmap for an industry that changes trends very quickly and the importance of delivering value propositions in less time. Some of the key ingredients for the product roadmap are also discussed.Watch this video to learn more about this conversation.