Release Notes: The Expert Perspective

Sujeet Pathak, Senior Product Manager, Amoeboids in conversation with Amit Kapoor, Technical Communications Specialist, Keysight Technologies

Release Notes- The Expert Perspective

Sujeet Pathak,in conversation with Amit Kapoor, Keysight Technologies

Release notes represent an opportunity to communicate with your customer base. And just like each new release of the product itself, release notes go out to all your users. You need to treat them with respect. And view them as opportunities to communicate with your user base and your broader market.

Technical writers play an essential role while crafting these release notes. Watch this video series to check out the senior and rising technical writer who contributes to making release notes successful.

Video Brief-

In the video, we have our guest Amit Kapoor- Technical Communications Specialist, Keysight Technologies, in conversation with our senior product manager Sujeet Pathak. Amit discusses his career in technical communication and how the importance of documentation is increasing with the complexity of products. He emphasizes the collaborative nature of drafting release notes and the importance of concision and clarity. Automation is helping to streamline the process. He also cautions against confusing release notes with help documents and overloading them with information. Watch this video to learn more about this conversation.