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Sujeet Pathak, Senior Product Manager Amoeboids in conversation with Jason McGee, Product Manager, Addteq

The Product Perspective Talks-Customer Feedback in Product Management

As a product manager, you should always appreciate the importance of customer feedback. You must treat it as your guiding light and always be on track. Collecting user feedback and customer reviews helps you make better product decisions. With feedback, you can validate your product hypotheses and ensure you build the right features. 

In this episode of our series, The Product Perspective Talks, our guest Jason McGee, Product Manager, Addteq, converses with our senior product manager Sujeet Pathak on the role of customer feedback in product management.

Video Brief-

The video showcases our guest Jason McGee, Product Manager, Addteq, and our senior product manager Sujeet Pathak who discusses the role of customer feedback on product management. Customer feedback is a crucial part of product lifecycle management. It provides information that product managers need help to get from research.It can help identify bugs, feature requests, feature improvements, or other issues that may need to be noticed.Some of the points shared by our guest are listed below:-

  • Customer feedback provides insights on the product which might have been ignored in the past and can be included in upcoming releases.
  • Multiple tools are used to manage feedback, such as the Jira service desk, customer portal tickets, and product review pages also provide insights.
  • To prioritize which queries are to be addressed first, Jason used an impact effort method by following the quadrant and discussing with senior management to map the activities.

Jason also shared some examples about how to manage communication with the customers on their feedback. Watch this video to learn more.