Release Notes: The Expert Perspective

Sujeet Pathak, Senior Product Manager, Amoeboids in conversation with Mandar Joshi, Sr. Technical Writer, Google

Release Notes- The Expert Perspective

Sujeet Pathak,in conversation with Mandar Joshi, Google

Release notes are the perfect way for companies to be honest about their development efforts and transparent with their customers. They also help you stand out from the competition by showcasing your latest releases intuitively and easily to the users.Technical writers contribute to these release note-generation processes to a large extent. This video series showcases senior technical writers who share valuable insights on release notes.

Video Brief-

This video showcases our guest Mandar Joshi, a senior technical writer at Google with over 18 years of experience in technical writing. The interview focuses on Mandar Joshi’s journey into technical writing and the changes he has observed in the industry.

The conversation then moves on to discussing release notes and creating them. Mandar explains that the product management team decides which issues are customer-facing and need to be included in the release notes, and the document is made at the end of the release cycle. Watch this video to learn more about this conversation.