Release Notes: The Expert Perspective

Sujeet Pathak, Senior Product Manager Amoeboids in conversation with Pema Sherpa, Sr. Technical Writer, LinkedIn

Release Notes- The Expert Perspective

Sujeet Pathak, in conversation with Pema Sherpa, LinkedIn

Writing quality release notes – and communicating about them – has become essential for tech companies to show their customers the hard work delivered to keep them happy and successful. Release Notes: The Expert Perspective is a lively, forward-looking series of conversations with technical writers. Each episode includes insights and perspectives from senior and rising technical writers who contribute to making release notes successful. In these episodes, we’ll uncover what makes an excellent technical writer from their perspective.

Video Brief

In this video, Sujeet Pathak, our senior product manager, interviews Pema Sherpa, a senior technical writer at LinkedIn, about her professional journey in technical writing.

Sherpa shares that she stumbled into technical writing and has been in the field for 11 years. She explains that technical writing is a structured profession that requires adherence to specific style guides and has seen notable changes in recent years. Sherpa highlights that technical writing needs to be more understood due to a lack of awareness and formal education in India. Learn more about this conversation in this video.