The Project Management Talks

Sujeet Pathak, Senior Product Manager in conversation with Andy Barker, Project Manager, Old Street Solution

The Project Management Talks

The video series focuses on discussing the project management practices, tools, and techniques. It covers various topics related to project management, including project planning, risk management, stakeholder management, team collaboration, project leadership, and more.Our host invites expert guests from the project management community, who share their insights, experiences, and best practices. The discussions are informative, practical, and aimed at providing listeners with valuable insights into project management.

In this episode we have our guest Andy Barker, Project Manager, Old Street Solution in conversation with our product manager Sujeet Pathak.

Video Brief-

This video features Sujeet Pathak, a product manager at Amoeboids Technologies, in conversation with Andy Barker, a seasoned project manager who has worked with many global companies and currently project manager at old street solutions. Barker talks about his career in project management and highlights his favorite project as the one which finishes first. He talks about one standout project for him  that was an IoT project which he worked on while working for Parametric Technology Corporation.  He believes that every single project has had an impact on him, and he learned from both the positives and the negatives. Learn more about this conversation in this video