The Project Management Talks

Sujeet Pathak, Senior Product Manager in conversation with Piotr Biegun, Partnership & Alliance Director at Xopero Software

The Project Management Talks

This video series provides a valuable resource for project managers looking to enhance their skills and stay up-to-date on the latest trends and best practices in the field.Some of the key takeaways from the talks include the importance of having a clear project plan, effective communication with stakeholders, managing project risks, building strong project teams, and using technology to streamline project management processes. The guests also discuss the challenges and trends in project management, and provide guidance on how to overcome them.

In this episode we have our guest Piotr Biegun, Partnership & Alliance Director at Xopero Software in conversation with Sujeet Pathak, Senior Product Manager at Amoeboids.

Video Brief-

The guest in this episode is Piotr Biegun, from Poland, who has over 10 years of experience in leadership roles in various industries. Piotr talks about his career journey, including his experience as a startup founder. He shares his perspective on the benefits and challenges of being a founder, including the need for agility and responsibility and the importance of learning from experience. He talks about critical pitfalls to avoid while starting the projects, which include- what would be the project’s end goal, empowerment, i.e., the ability to make decisions and get a more extensive overview of the project without complicating things. There is also a discussion on tools he uses to increase productivity at work. Watch this video to learn more about this conversation.