Automated Release Notes App

Updating Confluence pages with Jira data using ARN

How to update confluence pages with Jira data using the automated release notes app?

Seamlessly update confluence pages with jira data using the automated release notes app. The video gives a clear understanding of the process to be followed.

Video Brief-

It guides you on using the automated release notes app to update Confluence pages with Jira data. The app allows you to update existing pages, not just create new ones. Here are the steps to follow:-

  1. Create a new Confluence template, which includes the JQL section, two stats sections, and static text.
  2. Create a new rule and select the add Confluence action. Choose the running release notes tabular template and connect to the Confluence instance.
  3. Choose the space key, create a new page, or select an existing one to update.
  4. Choose the page action to append or prepend to an existing page.
  5. Enter the dynamic section end or start the text.
  6. Run the rule and wait for the entry to be available in the logs.
  7. Refresh the page to see the relevant content added.
  8. Save the template and rerun the rule if necessary.