The Project Management Talks

Vinita Anasane, Product Manager, Amoeboids in conversation with Nataliya Timoshina, Project Manager, Alpha Serve

The Project Management Talks

Why is it important to align projects with organizational strategy?

-Nataliya Timoshina, Project Manager Alpha Serve in  conversation with  product manager, Vinita Anasane

Strategic alignment allows organizations to prioritize suitable projects that will help them reach long-term goals faster and channel the company’s resources in the right direction. In this episode of the project management talks, our guest Nataliya Timoshina, Project Manager Alpha Serve, is conversing with our product manager, Vinita Anasane, on aligning projects with organizational strategy.

Video Brief-

In this video, Natalia, an experienced project manager from Alpha Serve emphasizes the importance of aligning projects with organizational strategy. This helps all teams work together and be on the same page while understanding what the organization is moving towards and hence putting their efforts towards similar projects that contribute to the company’s goals.

Some of the points she covered are as follows:-

  • Companies need to come up with a plan and strategy that is discussed among all teams. 
  • They should also frequently check up on the plan to ensure that everyone is on the same page and everything is going in the right direction. 
  • A few processes to include are regular communication, setting clear goals and expectations, identifying and addressing any gaps, prioritizing projects that align with the company’s goals, and constantly reviewing and revising plans as needed.